Client Confidentiality Service - keeping information secure between client and professional.


Secure Document Vault Archiving is one of the only services to allow the secure storage of documents in a protected offline vault-like environment so they can only be viewed by a qualified request made by you or your client, which in turn enables a special request from our proprietary software.

How does it work? The methodology is similar to an individual storing items of value in a bank vault. The document vault that uses works on the same principle. Our proprietary software accesses documents from a secure environment and downloads it to the client just as a bank teller would retrieve a safety deposit box from a vault for a customer.

How do I join? membership is by invitation only. You must request to access the service. An Account Representative will review your request and contact you when your firm has been accepted to the program. This is done as an added layer of security to ensure only qualified participants are using the service.

Do I need to register a new account for each client? No. What makes us different from any other virtual storage service is the ability to maintain the isolation of individual client files so that data cannot be moved from one client file to another. creates a lobby for you, which acts as a virtual filing cabinet to manage client files. When you access your account, you, as host, can manage multiple client files within one account, just as you would store multiple client files in one filing cabinet.

How do I archive files? Once you are finished with a client file, the entire file can be archived offline for years and stored for later retrieval. With, archiving is automatic unless the host decides to delete the file.

Document Exchange and File Transfers is one of the few online storage systems that allows participants, as well as the host, to upload documents securely while converting the documents to a web friendly format. This allows any participant, regardless of the web browser used, to view selected documents without the need for uploads of third party software. By using the system, anyone can participate and review documents with the host while knowing the conference and the documents are kept confidential. Not only can firms quickly share files in a secure online environment, they can use this system to keep track of meeting dates and hours spent with each client. provides streamlined client tracking by keeping a record of when clients access files, which eliminates the wasted time of researching when a document was reviewed or an unsecure e-mail was read.

Customized Password Creation allows the legal professional and their clients to create individual passwords to access files and data. With their own customized password to access files, there is no need to share passwords with anyone else. This feature is unique to because it is the only service to permit individuals access to their files using their own private password, which can be changed as often as they need.